Night Owl

The Magic Flute

Viewed: 20 November 2004
Directed by: Ingmar Bergman
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I donít think I have the patience for Opera, its too dramatic with too much singing. The stories seem so short and simple, it could be compressed into a single page. Prince and woodsman are engaged by a Queen go to save a Princess from her father the King. Two hours later prince falls in love with princess, turns out the Queen is evil and the King is a stand up guy. I canít say I really got into it, which is somewhat unfortunate it does seem like the best rendition of an opera on film. Bergman sets it like it was on a stage with flat sets and lighting. But then he cuts it in ways that could never been seen in a theater. Elaborate sets lead into each other in ways that would put the performance not only off the stage, but down the block. He relies on many close ups of course impossible for an Opera. He creates the ultimate hybrid of opera and film, at least that Iíve seen. And after the Magic Flute I doubt Iíll be seeing much more.

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