Night Owl

Goodbye Lenin

Viewed: 28 November 2004
Directed by: Wolfgang Becker
Listed in: Movies, Netflix

Everything I wanted in the film; a view of life in East Berlin, the rapid transition to a unified Germany; Ostalgia for the good old days in GDR. Did I mention Berlin? Or Alexanderplatz? Itís been probably over a year since I first read about the film. It was worth the wait, but I do wish I had seen it in theaters. Itís cute, itís funny, but really the draw for me was the GDR and all the complexities associated with it. And they were shown much more so then other Ostie films like Solo Sonny or Das Versprechen. Goodbye Lenin is entirely about the design of the GDR, the contrasts of East and West and flying statues of Lenin around Berlin. And that is where the film really shines.

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