Night Owl

To Die For

Viewed: 26 January 2005
Directed by: Gus Van Sant
Listed in: Movies, Netflix

Gus Van Sant’s exploration of the culture of television and the creation of media celebrity. Daytime talk shows seem to be his main target, which somewhat dates the film and the critique. Popular culture seems to have shifted more towards 24 hour news channels, then talk shows. Nicole Kidman is very convincing as a, well dumb women who only wants to be a television persona. I winced at most of what she said; I couldn’t stand her or the teenager’s lack of intelligence. The film is structured as a look back to the murder of Susan Stone’s (Kidman) husband, giving nuggets of information through interviews. It was well crafted and informed critique. My only problem was the utter stupidity of the main characters, I can’t stand it.

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