Night Owl


Viewed: 08 April 2005
Directed by: Todd Solondz
Listed in: Movies, Cinema

A thirteen year old girl wants a baby leading a life away from home in her quest to have one. It is unlike most of Solondz’s other films, more accessible with a different structure. Obviously unique due to the eight actresses playing Aviva, a trick which works well and mocks a central theme of the film. After I saw it Solondz answered questions, talking at great length for all but the simplest question. While some of his comments I would have rather figured out myself, he did open my eyes to the film’s depth and gave me an understanding that I could use to convince family members to see it. Especially now that I have the term of “delicate” subject matter. If anything there is a lot in this film, which require, possibly demands, to be examined.

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