Night Owl

Welcome To The Dollhouse

Viewed: 08 April 2005
Directed by: Todd Solondz
Listed in: Movies, Cinema

Todd Solondz really captures my section of New Jersey perfectly. I can really feel the environment, in one scene Dawn goes outside in the middle of the night to same a video tape. I knew the temperature, the noises of the neighborhood, what’s around the corner. I think that is what draws me to his films, more so then the “delicate” subject matter. It’s a exact sense of place from my childhood. Not only can I emphasize with the characters stories, but I know the people and locations they live with. Seeing welcome to the Dollhouse the second time, I came away with a better sense of Dawn and her entrapment, her need for love and escape. It could just be Solondz talking before it and explaining everything away.

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