Night Owl

Black Orpheus

Viewed: 18 May 2005
Directed by: Marcel Camus
Listed in: Movies, Netflix

The Greek legend of Orpheus and Eurydice is set in 1959 Rio De Janeiro, during Carnival. Orpheus is a trolley driver about to marry Mira, when he meets Eurydice. They immediately fall in love and in trouble, that eventually leads to the brief appearance of Cerberus, the original dog from hell. The story seems it’s been simplified from the Greek legend, the real star of movie is Rio. Initially it’s just crazy: bands everywhere, people dancing in the streets, dancing on trolleys, dancing on ferries. Then the shots of Orpheus’s house show why. It is ridiculously beautiful, soaring mountains jammed against the sea, a rolling coastline, these people have a reason to be happy.

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