Night Owl

Its All True

Viewed: 14 July 2005
Directed by: Orson Welles
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After making Citizen Kane, Welles was commissioned by the U.S. Government to create a documentary of Brazil, as part of an anti-fascist campaign. He set out to make a film about Carnival, but started to drift into the origins of Samba and Voodoo. At which point the funding was cut off, and the film was cursed by a voodoo priest, one possible result being this poor documentary about it. The real interest of It’s All True, is a short film Welles’ intended to be part of a trilogy “Four Men On A Raft”. It appears silent and close complete. It also bears the undeniable mark of Wells, making it very beautiful and captivating. It’s the only highpoint of the otherwise lackluster documentary about a documentary.

(Welles didn’t direct the documentary about himself, just makes the most sense to categorize it under him.)

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