Night Owl

Charlie And The Chocolate Factory

Viewed: 07 August 2005
Directed by: Tim Burton
Listed in: Movies, Cinema

I love Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, mostly because of Gene Wilder. And Tim Burton seems to be mostly off his mark in recent years, so I was skeptical to begin with. The film is ok, it’s entertaining and funny, but impossible for me to judge it on its own. I have two main problems; the flashbacks were crude and unnecessary, and Johnny Depp’s Wonka is mostly immature. Wilder’s Wonka could conceivably run a factory and hold a conversation with adults, yet still had a child-like amazement. Depp’s seems more like one of the kids who should befall an accident in the factory. Perhaps the problem is, in marking Charlie and the Chocolate Factory more of a family film it lost a lot of intelligence, which is an easy (though wrong) way to make a kids-film.

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