Night Owl


Viewed: 26 January 2006
Directed by: Mike Mills
Listed in: Movies, Other

The latest in a long line of indie-cult films. That being said, I rather liked it and all itís nice shots, lovingly picked music and quirky characters played by cool names. Among the various themes the film focuses on, is the lack of parenting by Justinís (the thumbsuckerís) parents. They themselves pursue dreams or wallow in angst that as beset them from when they were teenagers. And they seem mostly unprepared for dealing with a 17-year who still sucks his thumb. He is left to find his own devices. With a little help from Keanu Reevesís hippie-psycho babbling orthodontist (a role Reeves is perfect in). The performances from all the actors are what make the film. Without the Vince Vaughnís High school teacher, Benjamin Brattís B-star TV actor, this film would easily be lost in the Lost in Translation, Life Aquatic, Donnie Darko crush.

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