Night Owl

Erin Brockovich

Viewed: 7 February 2006
Directed by: Steven Soderbergh
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The film is rather long and I donít really like the Brockovich character. Julia Roberts plays her well (viewing the bonus interview with Erin Brockovich, shows how well). The movie is designed to pull more heartstrings then get into the inner workings of her detective work and resorts to the exhausted Julia pouring over paperwork, or the throwaway scene of her collecting water samples. Nor does it elaborate on the treating phone call she receives, does anything happen? Are there more phone calls at least? We never find out. But we do get to see plenty of her juggling work, family and relationships which all wraps up nicely in the end. I wanted Erin Brockovich to be more lawyering/detective work drama, then detecting/feel good drama, but I canít say I was in the target audience.

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