Night Owl

Hotel Rwanda

Viewed: 26 February 2006
Directed by: Terry George
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I was amazed how much I enjoyed this film. I thought it would be full of standard huge hollywood tear-jerker tricks, wrapped around the story of civil war in Rwanda. Instead it was a smart portrayal of those caught in in the middle of a genocide that the developed world doesnít give a shit about. Through bribes, drinks and his wits Paul Rusesabagina was able to save 1200 people in his hotel, until the few UN peacekeepers in the country were able to evacuate them. The film takes the hollywood cue and focuses on the love story of Paul and his wife and the tension created by the people he becomes responsible for. It also shies away from the horror of the genocide by staying inside the walls of the hotel. Neither of these devices limit itís impact or weaken the charges of forced ignorance on the part of the developed world. Hotel Rwanda is a excellent film.

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