Night Owl

My Neighbor Totoro

Viewed: 9 March 2006
Directed by: Hayao Miyazaki
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I was able the watch the original Japanese track on a recently release DVD. My Neighbor Totoro is as creative and excellent as most of Miyazakiís other films. It is a simple story, two young sisters find Totoro (a king of the forest), they interact with him and other woodland spirits, while settling into a new house. O Totoro is a gentle giant rabbit-like being, full of the same wonder as the children. Then there is my favorite NekoBasu, the cat bus, an elderly cat who has decided to become a furry bus, with rats as marker lights. Totoro is simple, imaginative and full of big smiling furry creatures. Itís the perfect film for Studio Ghibli to be founded on.

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