Night Owl


Viewed: 20 July 2008
Directed by: Andrew Stanton
Listed in: Movies, Cinema

Wall-E occupies a beautifully crafted and compelling world, one which revels in both the details and the potency of (mostly) silent storytelling. The joy of most Pixar movies is their rich, intricate worlds I wish I could explore, the spaceship decks, abandoned-decaying cities, the junk and the meals in a cup. Surprisingly the live action (always presented as video) blended seamlessly with the animation. Does it add weight to message to have Fred Willard deliver it in person? There were a few low points, extraneous "reject" bots, and overall labored "we can clean up the earth" missive, but Wall-E brings so much brilliance and life to the screen, it's hard not to love.

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