Night Owl

The Illusionist

Viewed: 31 December 2009
Directed by: Neil Burger
Listed in: Movies, Netflix

The illusionist was recommended to me by a few people over the Prestige, which I had previously seen. I have a hard time understanding why. I found the Illusionist to be stereotypical, safe and boring. The acting has some real low points (mostly Ed Norton) and the script is trite. I suppose there is a "twist", but it's an obvious one. My biggest gripe is I felt the Illusionist disrespected magic. Except for some basic slight of hand, the tricks are clearly inserted in post-production. I suppose it was recommended over the Prestige because most people look to be entertained, and not disturbed, by the movies they watch. I might have I missed something, with the Illusionist I had a hard time staying awake.

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