Night Owl

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

Viewed: 27 Jan 2020

Directed by: Quentin Tarantino
Listed in: Movies, itunes

Brad Pitt in his moccasins cruising around empty Southland freeways with the top down. DiCaprio's stilted, alcoholic acting in westerns and war films. There are worst ways to spend two and a half hours then in Tarantino's 1969 Los Angeles.

Knives Out

Viewed: 14 Dec 2019

Directed by: Rian Johnson
Listed in: Movies, cinema

It leans hard into Clue and completely pulls it off. Everything is perfect. Great film.

Motherless Brooklyn

Viewed: 02 Nov 2019

Directed by: Edward Norton
Listed in: Movies, cinema

How hard is it to find a beach house without white vinyl windows? The performances are fine, Alec Baldwin is a good choice for Robert Moses. The story is engaging enough. Needs more shots in Penn Station, less curb cuts and vinyl windows.

Mission Impossible-Fallout

Viewed: 09 Oct 2019

Directed by: Christopher McQuarrie
Listed in: Movies, amazon

Just get to Tom Cruise running on rooftops, flying helicopters, driving motorcycles against Parisian traffic. Those parts are great.

Operation Finale

Viewed: 28 Sep 2019

Directed by: Chris Weitz
Listed in: Movies, amazon

Went in unexpected direction of survivors of the Holocaust having to personally coax Adolf Eichmann into their grasp. Ben Kingsley and Oscar Isaac are compelling to watch, playing mind games in an Argentinian safe house.


Viewed: 10 Aug 2019

Directed by: Adam McKay
Listed in: Movies, hulu

There is a strong drama with great performances and occasional jokes buried under the Big Short’s skeleton.

You Were Never Really Here

Viewed: 30 Jul 2019

Directed by: Lynne Ramsay
Listed in: Movies, amazon

Joaquin Phoenix wrestles with his demons more then with bodyguards. Though he dispatches quite a few with a ball peen hammer. Bodyguards that is. He is full of personal demons.

The Killing Of A Sacred Deer

Viewed: 25 Jun 2019
Directed by: Yorgos Lanthimos
Listed in: Movies, iTunes

Deadpan, tightly wound and as bleak as any Lanthimos film. I expected another rabbit to be pulled out of the hat. And in the end there were no other rabbits in there.

The Martian

Viewed: 20 Jun 2019
Directed by: Ridley Scott

Listed in: Movies, iTunes, Airplane

It promises derring do and it delivers. Matt Damon alone in a tent figuring shit out. Satisfying at the very least.

The Dead Don’t Die

Viewed: 15 Jun 2019
Directed by: Jim Jarmusch
Listed in: Movies, Cinema

What a waste. Not much there. You get Iggy Pop in zombie make up and he’s just a regular old zombie. What’s the point?

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